Jerome Cholet

Augusta Cry Silver


SPARTEGemälde / Mischtechnik

TECHNIKCollage (Mixed Arts)

FORMAT50 x 60 cm


KATEGORIEunikat indoor

PROVENIENZFrankfurt am Main

STANDORTde 64546


ANBIETERJerome Cholet

PREISVHB € 399,00

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This collage is made of a portrait of famous male model Augusta Alexander, that I would call "the tear". I like its ambiguity, because it is one of the most handsome men, very active and agile, in a moment of reflection, sadness, crying. The collage is made of silver spray paint, paper photos and epoxy resin on a very solid canvas. The silver spray paint reflects the light of the room, from very shadowy and melancholy to very bright and sparkling. So it changes with the room, adapts to the day and night light. It reminds me of a mirror where we all see the boy and ourselves at the same time. It is inspired by Andy Warhol, who was famous for his replications. But we live in a new age, replicating became different and the faces, models, objects need an update. This is a study, combining Andy Warhol's idea with Augusta Alexanders portrait. I am very inspired by the contradictions of this portrait. I use it in most of my oeuvres and always find new ways of looking at it, it inspires me daily. IMPORTANT: None of my artwork is perfect, they are organic, there are drops of paint, tears in the paper, waves, glue residues. They are original!

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