Jerome Cholet

Augusta Metropolis V


SPARTEGemälde / Mischtechnik


FORMAT40 x 40 cm


KATEGORIEunikat indoor


STANDORTde 64546


ANBIETERJerome Cholet

PREISVHB € 249,00

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Augusta Alexander is a famous Austrian model walking for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Gauthier. He unites being a classic fashion model and an influencer on Social Media with a lot of verve, energy and motivation. He is the unique combination of fashion and "influencer." When I was a child I was a fan of Fritz Lang's movie "Metropolis". I rediscovered it when the rock band Queen used parts of it for its video for "Radio Ga Ga." I am heavily influenced by the style and the main theme of modern societies. Further I am a huge fan of the idea of cubism: during industrialisation cubism deconstructed our world as it seems to fall apart. The industrial age fragmented our society, produced a lot of pollution and made the nature men's servant. Life and work accelerated, the world became more steamy, dirty, hectic, stressfull. A lot of problems we have today are from that period and still unresolved. Augusta, Metropolis and Cubists inspired me in this work. There is a thin layer of epoxy resin on this work, which assures longevity. IMPORTANT: None of my artwork is perfect, they are organic, there are drops of paint, tears in the paper, waves, glue residues. They are original! Jerome Cholet is a prize-winning artist based in Germany whose paintings have been exhibited nationally. Through his art, he endeavors to find, create, access, and inspire others with new perspectives. In the creation of his collages, Cholet most often employs imagery from newspaper covers and social media photographs. His distinctive pieces are completed with graffiti techniques using spray paint on canvas.

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