Toni Spyra


His installations and objects provide the audience thought-provoking impulses packaged in humor or rather sarcasm.
By modifying ordinary materials and sceneries Spyra always creates a sense of familiarity – but also a feeling of irritation.
This paradox signals change the perceptual habits of the viewers – simultaneously the recognition is promoted.
At the moment of attention the audience discovers a new way of seeing and thinking as well as new using approaches.
At second glance, the overall image becomes accessible and the viewer realizes how Toni Spyra conveys his own
concerns about social problems and human habits.
Toni Spyra uncovers hidden potentials which matter beyond the known context.
Quelle: Homepage das Künstlers


1981born in Germany

2006 - 2010 Bachelor of Arts, Media Production, Hochschule OWL, Germany

2010 - 2013Master of Arts, Media Management, FH St. Pölten, Austria & Cracow University of Economics, Poland

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