René Groebli



René Groebli




1927born in Zurich

1933 - 1939primary school in Zurich

1939 - 1941Gymnasium Zurich

1941 - 1943Terminal classes in Zurich

1942begins to photograph with the Rolleiflex
apprenticeship as a photographer at Theo Vonow in Zurich

1944attended classes in the preparatory class at the Kunstgewebeschule in Zurich

1945studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich in Hans Finsler's class

1945 - 1948Cameraman's apprenticeship at Central Film and Gloria Film in Zurich (documentary films), diploma

1948first trip to Paris

1949buys his first Leica. First solo exhibition and publication of his first book on the theme of the train. He spent three months in Paris where he met Brassaï, Robert Frank and spent a month in London.

1949 - 1951freelance photographer, collaborates with the Swiss press and produces his first advertising and commissioning images.

1950for 6 months photographer and editor at Züri-Woche. Diploma in the competition of the Swiss monthly magazine Camera

1951 - 1953works for the agency Black Star in London, Picture Post, Illustrated, Time, Life, Photography... travel in Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda. War Correspondent in the British Army Forces

1953first job from the pharmaceutical industry

1954 - 1955had a studio house built according to his plans in Zurich.

1954 - 1980colour works (advertising, industry...) with various processes (Dye Transfer, Ektachrome, Anscochrome...)

1955jubilee yearbook of Thomi & Franck in Basel, Switzerland. Special efforts to obtain good colours in the illustration, annual reports, brochures for Swiss, German, Italian and English companies. Participates in Edward Steichen's exhibition' The Family of Man' at MoMA, New York, which travels all over the world even today.

195750th anniversary report of Knorr, Switzerland

1959together with Hanspeter Roth, they set up Turnus film company (films, commercials, TV spots) which in 1963 received the Palme d' or in Cannes (Volkswagen advertising)

1961report for the 50th anniversary of Franke, Switzerland

1965judge with Rolf Winquist at the' A sign of our time' competition organised by the German Cigar Institute in Bad Godesberg. Produces the book' Variation I'

1967annual report for the German company « Bauer Getriebe-Motoren » which receives the « Graphic Design Germany Award » from the « Grafischer Klub» in Stuttgart.

1968produced « Carousel Vision » the first Kodak slideshow for the Photokina in Cologne, Germany.

1969realizes the multiplane « Vitamin A » for F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel, Switzerland

1971book « Variation 2 » (possibilities of communication using colour photography). « Multivion Roche au travail » which received the 1972 Swiss Medal at the Tonbildschaufestival, Sweda Auszeichnung Multivision, Zurich.

1971 - 1972travels nine months in the United States, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil

1976now uses only the Cibachrome process for its prints. First assembly tests

1976 - 1979industrial reports for « Dresser Industries (USA) » on drilling platforms in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the USA, in Germany, Holland, France and England as well as realizations of exhibitions in Moscow, Tehran, Warsaw, London...

1977since then, he has focused his research on various photographic processes (grain effect)

1978takes part with 10 photographs in the exhibition "Fantastic Photography in Europe" organised by Lorenzo Merlo (Canon photo Gallery, Amsterdam)

1980produces 8 full pages of surrealistic illustrations (colour editing) for the book edition of the Nobel Prize for literature ELYTIS in Greece

1981 - 1990works to build his Borie (Traditional Stonehouse) in the South of France

1984series « Die Muschel » Dedication to the secret places of the female body.

1991 - 1992prepares a retrospective exhibition and a book (graphic realization of the model) of his work, in collaboration with Michèle Auer and the Centre de la photographie à Genève.

1992issues RTSR « Midi Public »

1994creates prints of photographs never published on the themes of America, Ireland...

1995beginning of the series' Paris re-visited'

1995 - 1996prints the series "The Eye of Love" with the platinum process

1997takes care of printing his negatives from Ireland and the United States

1998living between the Vosges in France and Zurich

1999begins the series of female nudes

2004starts making high quality digital prints

2007film "Magic from the Darkroom" from Phil Dänzer



2017Galerie Kornhausforum, Bern (CH)
Fototage Münsingen (CH)
Galerie Anzenberger/Fotobuchmesse Wien (A)
Galerie Bildhalle, Zürich (CH)
Galerie Johanna Breede, Berlin (D)
Nuits de la photographie, La Chaux de Fonds (CH)
Nuits de la photographie, Pierrevert (F)

2016Museum im Bellpark, Kriens
Galerie Bildhalle, Kilchberg (CH)
Galerie in focus, Köln (D)
Kunstmuseum im Marshall, Paderborn (D)
Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris (F)

2015Galerie Wehrlenhof , Dübendorf (CH)
Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris (F)

2014Photobastei, Zürich (CH)

2013Artpassions, La Galerie, Geneva (CH)

2012Fondation Auer Ory, Hermance (CH)
Galerie „carry on“, Genf, (CH)
Galerie Pinter & Milch ,Berlin, (D)

2011Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (D)
Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH)

2009Galerie infocus, Köln (D)
Galerie Hiltawsky, Berlin (D)

2008Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York (USA)

2006Kamera- und Fotomuseum, Leipzig (D)
Galerie Andy Jllien, Zürich (CH)

2005Galerie infocus, Köln (D)

2003Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco (USA)
Maison Robert Doisneau, Gentilly-Paris (F)
Galerie Stasia Hutter, Basel (CH)
Galerie DeArtis, Zug (CH)

2002Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne (CH)
Nikon Image House, Küsnacht/Zürich (CH)
Fondation Koenig, Zürich (CH)
PARIS PHOTO, stande Csaba Morocz (F)

2001Galerie Commercio, Zürich (CH)

1999Kunsthaus Zürich (CH)

1998Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris (F)

1997Montpellier, (F)

1995La Chapelle des Pénitenciers, La Ciotat (F)

1993Brandenburgische Kunstsammlung Cottbus (D)

1992Centre de la Photographie, Geneva (CH)
Mairie du Xè/Mois de la Photo, Paris (F)
Galerie Renée Ziegler, Zürich (CH)

1991Tarazona 91 (E)

1990LE TRAIN, C.N.P., Paris (F)
COLLEZIONE FONTANA, Centro Maestri Stranieri (I)



SAMMLUNG OTTO STEINERT, Museum Folkwang, Essen (D)

1979 - 1980FNAC-Etoile, Paris (F)

1979Galerie Neufeld, Au/St.Galllen (CH)
Galerie Dieuzaide, Toulouse (F)
Galerie Contact, kBordeaux (F)
Limbach Galerie, Köln (D)

1978Rencontres Internationales de la Photograohie, Arles (F)
Galerie Portfolio, Lausanne (CH)
Images Gallery, New York (USA)
FANTASTIC PHOTOGRAPHY, Canon Photo Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

1976 - 1978FANTASTIC PHOTOGRAPHY IN EUROPE II, Canon Photo Gallery , Amsterdam (NL)

1974Kunsthaus Zürich (CH)

1966Galerie 58, Rapperswil (CH)

1955Helmhaus Zürich (CH)
MOMA, New York (USA)

1954 - 1955Staatliche Schule für Kunst und Handwerk, Saarbrücken (D)
Galerie 16, Zürich (CH)

1951Staatliche Schule für Kunst und Handwerk, Saarbrücken (D)
Weltausstellung der Fotografie, Luzern (CH)

1949Anliker-Keller, Bern (CH)



2015 receives the Lifetime Award from the Swiss Photo Academy

2006receives the « Schweizer Fotoschaffen Photo 06 » Lifetime Award

1983honorary member of the Swiss Union of Photographers

1974Award of Excellence in Typography from Type Directors Club, New York

1966 - 1967receives the Graphic Design Award from « Deutscher Gebrauchs Grafiker », Germany

1962one of 24 award-winning posters:' Face with match' for the Office of Fire Prevention Bern, produced by W. Wermelinger, printed by Lithographie & Cartonnage S. A. Zurich

1960prizes and medals for « Beispielhafte Anzeigengestaltung » from Bayer Werbefachverbandes, Switzerland

1953rix d’encouragement

1951Eidgenössisches Stipendium

1947third prize in the competition of the monthly magazine Camera


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