Gabriele Fettolini


Gabriele Fettolini is a Swiss painter born in 1955. He started painting when he was 15 years old and eventually joined an Art School after high school, at the age of 20. In 1986, he moved to Catalonia and decided to devote himself solely to painting. Many artists have influenced his work, Some of them he discovered as a youngster such as Klee, Matisse and Picasso while others he meet while he was studying such as Bacon, Tapiès and a group of abstract expressionists. More recently, he has discovered Sicilian artists such as Juan Uslé, among many others. Gabriele Fettolini does not like to use the word “inspiration” when he speaks about his creative process, instead, he’d rather talk about a certain “discomfort” which generates ideas, feelings, sensations and concepts which he uses to create his paintings. Moreover, the artist is convinced that his art is a big part of his identity, that every single one of his experiences can be use to enrich his work. Gabriele made his first exhibition in 1992. Ever since, his work has regularly been exposed at various exhibitions and contemporary art fairs.


1955geboren 1955 in Faido (TI)
Artistic training at the “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” de Sion (Switzerland)
and “Brevet d’ enseignement secondaire” with G.Tritten at Bienne (Berne University)


2018Àmbit galeria d'Art, Barcelona "llindars"

2017Ferrari Art Gallery, Vevey (Switzerland) "le voile de Maya"

2016galerie Grand Fontaine, Sion (Switzerland) /30 ans -130 artiste-/ "autoportrait"

2014Palazzo comunale Riva San Vitale (Switzerland) "sconfinare con" /with Daniela Carrara
Àmbit galeria d'Art, Barcelona "painting BCN"
Museo casa Cavalier Pellanda, Biasca (Switzerland) "sette sale per sette artisti"
galería Trama, Barcelona "Iceberg z46" /proyecto de Jo Milne y Jordi Fulla

2013Château de Venthône + galerie Grand Fontaine, Sion (Switzerland) /with Jo Milne
La casa Elizalde, Barcelona "cara a cara" /with Anet Duncan

2012Chrämerhuus Galerie, Langenthal (Switzerland) “licht-reflexe-reflexiones“

2011galerie Zimmermannhaus, Brugg (Switzerland) "ausencia" /with Ursula Rutishauser
galerie Carzaniga, Basel "Dialoge"

2010Le7 galerie, Martigny (Switzerland) /with Etienne Kähenbühl (sculptor)
CanCastelló, Barcelona "Europes“

2009Quiosc Gallery, Tremp (Spain) “spazi muti”

2008galerie Arts et Lettres, Vevey (Switzerland) "les environs du vide“

2006galleria Graziosa Giger, Leuk-Stadt (Switzerland)

2005galerie Le Broisin, Champéry (Switzerland) /with Gianmario Togni (sculptor)

2004galerie Carzaniga, Basel “rigorosa fragilità“
Espai g d’art, Terrassa (Spain) “cultures divergents”
Espai 28, Mataró (Spain) “risacca ”

2003 Art Contact, Rolle (Switzerland)
Museo Cantonale d’Arte, Lugano (Switzerland) “che c’è di nuovo“

2002Insitut Français, Barcelona “color tal vez sombra”
Espace Arlaud, Lausanne “Lausanne-Barcelone"
galerie Carzaniga, Basel "proposal: new artists"

2001Quiosc Gallery, Tremp (Spain) “prima materia”
Paper Museum of Aoya (Japan) “new expression from Barcelona”
galería Segovia Isaacs, Barcelona "5´temporada"

2000galería Segovia Isaacs, Barcelona “inter-nos”

1999Halle Alte Fabrik, Rapperrwill (Switzerland) “actituds”

1998galerie Grand Fontaine, Sion (Switzerland)
galería Verena Hofer, Barcelona “actituds”

1997galería Panorama, Barcelona
galería Segovia Isaacs, Barcelona “deslices de la memoria”
galerie du Soleil, Saignelégier (Switzerland)
galería Segovia Isaacs, Barcelona “1´ temporada”

1996galerie François Mitterand, Beauvais (France) “cinq de Barcelone"
gallery Circus-Circus, Kobe (Japan)
gallery Brocken, Tokyo (Japan)
Centro Cívico Pati Llimona, Barcelona

1995Leuk-Stadt (Switzerland) "künstler aus Barcelona”
Diputación de Huesca (Spain) “vegetales frescos”
Sala Diego Chiesa, Chiasso (Switzerland) “6 giovani pittori”

1994galerie Grand Fontaine, Sion (Switzerland)
Museo de Mendrisio (Switzerland) “under 49 ”

1993Manoir de Martigny/ Musée de Moutier/ Sala Diego Chiesa, Chiasso/
Zimmermannhaus, Brugg (Switzerland) "made in Barcelona"

1991Kulturzentrum Chrämerhuus, Langenthal (Switzerland)
École Suisse de Barcelona

1990galerie Bel-Etage, Basel
galería Vicent Bernat, Barcelona

1989galerie No Tu No, Carouge-Genève “natura amiga“

1988Studio d’arte Il Moro, Firenze /with Philippe Wenger

1987Spazioarte, Mendrisio (Switzerland) “differenti incontri”

1986Sexta Bienal de pintura de Logroño (Spain)

1985Club Jurassien des arts, Moutier (Switzerland)
Sala Diego Chiesa, Chiasso (Switzerland)

1982Triennale, Yverdon (Switzerland)


Collection "Gas Natural", Barcelona (Spain)
MASILugano (Switzerland)
Musée de Moutier (Switzerland)
Comune di Chiasso (Switzerland)
UBS Bank collection, Basel (Switzerland)
Collection "DOBE", Zürich (Switzerland)
Diputación de Huesca (Spain)
Stadt Zürich (Switzerland)

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