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David Tremlett




1945born in St. Austell, Cornwall, U.K

1962 – 1963Attended Falmouth College of Art, Falmouth, Cornwall, U.K

1992Was shortlisted for the Turner Prize "for his many wall drawings displayed around the world, most notably at the Kestner-Gesellschaft in Hanover."

2000Completed a large and wall drawing for the main area, known as the Wintergarden, at the British Embassy in Berlin, Germany

2006Created stained glass windows for the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Villenauxe-la-Grande, France



2017Roll on and other works, Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris
somebody has done somthing on the wall, Studio Luca Cipelletti, Mailand

2016New work on paper and a wall drawing, Holger Priess Galerie, Hamburg
Rhythm and Form, Noire Gallery, Turin

2015Rhythm and Form, Alfonso Artiaco Gallery, Neapel
New Working Drawings, Galeria Miguel Marcos, Barcelona

2014new works for walls, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rom
Equatorial, Hebel 121, Basel

2013IKON Gallery, Birmingham
works on paper, Galeria Communale D’Arte Contemporanea Di Monfalcone
Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris
A Arte Studio Invernizzi, Mailand
NewArtCentre, Salisbury
Studio Dabbeni, Lugarno
Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck

2012Gering Lopez Gallery, New York
Alfonso Artiaco Gallery, Neapel

2011Place on Paper, Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris

2010Ideas on Paper, Dörrie * Priess Galerie , Hamburg
Drawing Rooms, Hamburger Kunsthalle , Hamburg
Oevres sur papier 2006-2009, MAMAC, Nizza
Space Change, Forte di Bard, Aosta

2009Galleria Bonomo, Bari
Works on Paper and the Wall, Studio Dabbeni, Lugano
Across the Walls, Blancpain Art Contemporain, Genf
Drawn, Rubbed, Smeared, A arte Studio Invernizzi, Mailand

2008In Space, Gering & López Gallery, New York
Gallery G7, Bologna

2007Galeria Alessandra Bonomo, Rom
Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris

2006David Tremlett Drawings, Alfonso Artiaco Gallery, Neapel
David Tremlett Retrospective, Musée de Grenoble, Grenoble
David Tremlett Retrospective, Pecci Museum, Prato
New Wall Drawing New York on Paper, Studio Dabbeni, Lugano

2005Pastel Drawings, Visconti Fine Art Kolizej, Ljubljana
Místnosti a Jejich Zdi - Rooms and their Walls, House of art, Budejovice
Alan Charlton, David Tremlett (Equal Opposites), A arte studio Invernizzi, Mailand
Drawing for S, MAMAC, Nizza

2004Drawing, Gallery Blancpain Stepczynski, Genf
Marcus Richter Galerie (mit Alan Charlton), Berlin
Sandra Gering Gallery, New York
Printed Matter, New York
My Books - Your Books, Cappella di Santa Maria di Carcerati, Bologna

2003Studio Dabbeni, Lugano
Art C.A.A.C, Issoire
Gallery Valentina Bonomo, Rom

2002Crawford Art Centre, St. Andrews, Scotland
Massimo Valsecchi, Mailand
Modulo Gallery, Lissabon
Marilena Bonomo Gallery, Bari

2001Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea Trento, Trento
Galerie St. Séverin, Paris
Galerie Marcus Richter, Berlin
Gallery Alfonso Artiaco, Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy

2000Gallery G7 (un progetto per l'ex Convento di Santa Cristina a Bologna), Bologna
Gallery Blancpain Stepczynski, Genf
Gallery Durand-Dessert (mit Alan Charlton Fusion), Paris
New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury
Tor Bella Monaca, Rom

1999Dörrie * Priess Galerie , Hamburg

1998Massimo Valsecchi Gallery, Mailand
The Gallery, Channel Islands
Goddard de Fiddes, Australia

1997Galerie Stepczynski/Blancpain, Genf
La Chaufferie, Straßburg
Bank Brussels Lambert, Kodrijk
Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton
Rooms of Drawings, Castello Falletti, Barolo

1996Galleria Bonomo, Bari
Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Pozzuoli
Galerij S65, Aalst

1995 Juan Miro Foundation, Barcelona
Carré d'Art, Musée d'Art Contemporain, Nimes
SCAI The Bathhouse, Tokyo
Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo
Wall Drawing and Sculpture, Galerie Liliane & Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris
New Schemes for Walls, Haags Gemeentmuseum, Den Haag
Dörrie * Priess Galerie, Hamburg

1994The Cornerhouse, Manchester
Opere su carte / Wall Drawings, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rom
The British School in Rome, Rom
Galerie Stadtpark, Krems
Galerie de L'ancien Collage, Châtellerault, France
Murs, Palais Jacques Coeur, Bourges, France
Somebody Did Something AII Over the Wall, Art & Project, Slootdorp

1993PAC-Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea, Mailand
Rainyday Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall
Wall Drawings and Drawings on Paper, F.R.A.C. - Fonds regional d'art contemporary, Picardie, Amiens
Wall Drawings, Galerie Lubie, Amiens

1992Books, Posters, Prints, The Archives, Rotterdam
Dörrie * Priess Galerie, Hamburg
A Quiet Madness, Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover
Artspace, Auckland
Gerald Peters Gallery , Dallas
Sue Crockford Gallery, Auckland
Galeria Modulo, Porto

1991Lipworth Fine Art Inc, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Galerij S65, Aalst
Galleria Massimo Valsecchi, Mailand
The Spirit of St. Savin, Abbaye de St. Savin, St. Savin
Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Pozzuoli
Galleria Bonomo, Bari

1990Against the Wall, Galeria
Modulo, Lissabon
Galeria Modulo, Porto, Portugal
Drawing for a Window, Koninklijke Museon voor Schone Kunst, Brüssel
Musee Saint Priest, Lion
5 Works from 1976, Galerie Liliane & Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris
Les Maitres de Forme Contemporains, Brüssel
Dörrie * Priess Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
Wall Drawings (Corridor), Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurne

1989Up Stairs, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
Working Inside, Eglise de Val de Vesle
Serpentine Gallery, London

1988Galerie L'A, Lüttich
Walls, Art & Project, Amsterdam
Les maitre de Forme Contemporains, Brüssel
Dörrie * Priess Galerie, Hamburg
Drawings in Corridor, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney
Wall Drawing, M.U.H.K.A. - Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Antwerpen

1987Galerie Liliane & Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris
Galleria Massimo Valsecchi, Mailand
Rikkonaisia Paikkoja, Galerie Artek, Helsinki
Wall Drawing, Galerij S65, Aalst
Dates differentes, Musee de Rochechouart, Rochechouart
Wall Drawing, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rom

1986Orchard Gallery, Londonderry
Waddington Galleries, London
Wall Drawings, ICA - lnstitute of Contemporary Art, London
Museum Van Hedendaagse Kunst, Gand, Belgium

1985Galeries Contemporaines, Musee National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
9 Works, Kimberlin Hall, Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester
Galerij S65, Aalst
La Rue Fragile, Le Crystal Bar, Paris
Galleria Bonomo, Bari

1984Waddington Galleries, London
No Fear of Things that Change, Art and Project, Amsterdam

1983Sans Titre, Galerie Liliane & Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris
Other Than Fire, Galleria Massimo Valsecchi, Mailand
Senza Titolo, Galleria Bonomo, Bari
No Title, Raum für Kunst, Hamburg
No Title, Waddington Galleries, London

19823 Wall Drawings, Riverside Studios, London
Galerie Liliane & Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris

1981Drawings, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton
A Drawing on a Wall at 11 via Santa Marta, Galleria Massimo Valsecchi, Mailand
Highpoints, Ad and Project, Amsterdam
White Light, Waddington Galleries, London
La Forma delle Cose, Galleria Bonomo, Bari

1980Galerie Liliane & Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris
Drawings for Gordon Jetty, Gordon Ambarcadero, Tasmania

1979Zomba Road, Galleria Bonomo, Bari
One Work. One Book, Librarie Post Scriptum, Brüssel
Galleria Massimo Valsecchi, Mailand
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

1978Recent Pieces, Plymouth Arts Center, Plymouth
On Gilbert, Galleria Massimo Valsecchi, Mailand
2 Wall Drawings, Zomba Road, Malawi, East Africa
Malawi With Men and Boys, Art and Project, Amsterdam

1977Valerie Liliane & Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris

1976Work on Paper, Galerie Rolf Preisig, Basel
Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London
Milwaukee and Aftereffects, Art and Project, Amsterdam
Poems and Wall Works, Robert Self Gallery, Newcastle
Galleria Bonomo, Bari
Galerie Liliane & Michel Durand-Dessert, Paris
ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

1975Bonomo, Bari

1974Cool Clear Water, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London
Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

1973Green is the Colour, Harold Rivkin Gallery, Washington
Project Series, Museum of Modern Art, New York
Graphite Wall Drawings, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London

1972Corner, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London
The Spring Recordings, Galerie Konrad Fischer, Düsseldorf
Toward a Step, Tate Gallery, London
Documenta 5 in Kassel

1971Galerie Folker Skulima, Berlin
Work for Tap Dance, Galerie Ernst, Hannover
One Week Installation, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London

1970 Installation, Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London

19694 Sculptures, Grabowski Gallery, London



Arts Council of Great Britain, U.K
Bank Brussel Lambert, Kortrijk, Belgium
Benesse Museum of Contemporary Art, Naoshima, Japan
The British Embassy, Berlin, Germany
The British Embassy, Berlin, Germany
Cartier Foundation, Paris, France
Dallas Museum of Modern Art, Dallas, TX
Fundação De Serralves, Oporto, Portugal
Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover, Germany
Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany
The Lewitt Collection at The Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT
MAMAC, Nice, France
M.U.K.H.A. Antwerp, Belgium
Musée d'Art Moderne, St. Etienne, France
Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris (Centre Georges Pompidou)
France Musée Des Beaux Arts, Nantes, France
Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
Museum of Modern Art, Brussels, Belgium
Museum Sztuki, Poland
Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art, Philadelphia, PA
Tate Gallery, London, UK
Whitworth Museum, Manchester, UK

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