Angèle Etoundi Essamba


Angèle Etoundi Essamba (Born in Douala, 1962) is a Cameroonian photographer living and working in Amsterdam, she is known for her photography work in black and white that often focuses on the African female as a subject matter. Essamba has had more than 200 exhibitions around the world and more than fifty publications in journals and magazines.
Essaamba focuses on the African female in her black-and-white photography. Her first exhibition was in 1984 at the Gallerie Art Collective in Amsterdam. Her 1995 series of black-and-white photographs, White Line, was awarded the Prix Spécial Afrique at the Festival des Trois Continents, Nantes in 1996. She wants her work to inspire discussions between cultures and people. Her art is highly influenced by her African descent as well as her diverse cultural environment Drawing on her personal experiences and history, culture, perspective and environmental influences, Essamba's photographs combine technique with a strong sense of emotion.
Quelle: Wikipedia

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