Angela De La Cruz


Angela de la Cruz’s practice is elegantly situated between painting and sculpture. Her work engages with the very discourse of painting by targeting its basic anatomy – the stretcher, normally left to its job of keeping the canvas smooth and pliant – often twisted and bent out of shape. By breaking its form, de la Cruz breaks convention, quite literally, by mangling the stretcher and piercing the flat edifice of the canvas to unleash it into three-dimensional space. Slashed, twisted and reformed into something approaching sculpture, there is a dark humour at play: “The moment I cut through the canvas I get rid of the grandiosity of painting”, she says. Convention punctured, her works seem to mimic aspects of both the human body and behaviour – cowering, cringing, surviving – and, more recently, this sense of human scale has been bolstered by works incorporating items of domestic furniture, such as chairs, tables and filing cabinets. Prostrate on the floor or hanging on the wall like trophies or window dressings, they are evidence of a passionate and complicated process.
Quelle: Lisson Gallery


1965Born in La Coruna, Spain

1987 – 1989Faculty of Philosophy, Santiago de Compostela, BA Philosophy

1989 – 1990Foundation, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK

1991 – 1994BA (Hons) Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London, UK

1994 – 1996MA Sculpture and Critical Theory, Slade School of Art, London, UK
Lives and works in London, UK


2015Larger Than Life, Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin
Adventures of the Black Square, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK

2013Burst, Lisson Gallery, Milan, Italy
Tepidarium, Brandenburgischer Kunstverein, Potsdam

2013Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Lisson Gallery, Milan, Italy

2012Wet, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria
Transfer, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Delimitations, Herzliya Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
Representation and the Body, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Tirar de Hilo (La imagen spectacular), Coleccion ARTIUM, Vitoria, Spain
IV Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo Fundacion ONCE, Madrid, Spain
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK
In Abstraction, the body, curated by Jason Smith, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2011Transfer, Lisson Gallery, London, UK / Helga De Alvear, Madrid, Spain (solo)
Aproximaciones I. Arte español Contentemporaneo en la Coleccion de Helga de Alvear. Fundacion Helga de Alvear, Caceres, Spain
Out of Storage, Timmerfabriek, Maastricht, Netherlands
La Colección, Fundación Barrié. Sede A Coruña, Spain
Contemporary Spanish in Helga de Alvear Collection, Fundacion Helga de Alvear, Caceres, Spain
Pulso XXI, Coleccion Sanchez-Ubiria, MAS, Santander, Spain
Surreal versus Surrealismo en el arte contemporáneo, IVAM, Valencia, Spain
DE/CONSTRUCTING THE NORM, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
What If it’s All True? What Then?, Mummery & Schnelle, London, UK
Historias de la Vida Material, Fundacion Helga de Alvear, Caceres, Spain
Model vs Reality, Fold Gallery, London, UK
Ficciones Y Realidades, Arte Español de los 2000 en la Coleccion Arte Contemporaneo Museo Patio Herreriano, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia

2010After, Camden Arts Center, London, UK
Gallery Artists, Group Exhibition, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
La Abstraccion Redefinida Espana America, Galeria Max Estrella, Madrid, Spain
Cosmètica dogmàtica. Collecció d'art contemporani Fundació la Caixa, curated by Luis Gordillo. Barcelona, Spain
Umedalen Skulptur, Umeå, Sweden
Turner Prize, Tate Britain, London, UK

2009Spheres, Le Moulin, Boissy-le-Chatel
HotchPotch, MKII, Hackney, London, UK
Soft Sculpture, National Gallery, Canberra, Australia
HoviArt, Anttolanovi, Anttola, Finland
Union Fenosa, La Coruna, Spain
Fundacion Marco Pastor, La Coruna, Spain
Irreversible, Pontevedra, Spain
Afinidades Electivas, La Panera Lerida, Project by Miquel Mont

2008Altered States of Paint, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scotland
Afinitats electives, Centre d’art Panera, Lleida, Spain
Mapas Emarxes, Auditorio de Galicia, Santiago, Spain
Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
…same as it ever was, University of the Arts, London, UK
Framat, Rekord Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Golden Rain, Project by Michael Petry, Stavanger, Norway

2007Global Feminisms, Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, USA
Slipping Abstraction, Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre
Pasiones Privadas, Visiones Publicas, MARCO, Vigo, Spain
La Vida Privada: Coleccion Josep Ma Civit, CDNA Centro de Arte y Naturaleza, Huesca, Spain
Experiencias y Percepciones en Escultura Contemporanea, Galeria Pilar Parra y Romero, Madrid, Spain

2006Contrabando, Galeria Luisa Strina, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Curated by Carolina Grau
Retrospective, Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal
Angela de la Cruz Trabalho Work, Culturgest, Porto, Portugal

2005Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla, Spain
Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sidney, Australia
Loushy Art & Editions, Tel Aviv, Israel
Mallorca Open ’05: Principles of Construction, Centre Cultural Andratx, Spain
Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo, USA
Showcase, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
2 Bienal de Jafre, Spain, Comisarios: Mario Flecha y Carolina Grau

2004Manifesta V, San Sebastian, Spain
MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Vigo, Spain
Lisson Gallery, London
Nicolas Krupp Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
Escape Velocities, Spital Space, London, 2004
A Thing About Painting, Platform Gallery, London
Tanya Rumpff Gallery, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Fòrum, Barcelona, Spain
Project room, ARCO, Madrid, Spain

2003Chockofuckingblock, Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London
Group Show, Whitechapel Project Space, London
Wetterling 1978-2003, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Gallery Bouhlou, Bergen, Norway
Clutter, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria
Tra Est e Ovest - Galerie Krinzinger’, GAS Art Gallery,Turin, Italy

2002Life is Beautiful, curated by Andrew Patrizio, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
Sitting Tenants, curated by Anna Vickery, Lotta Hammer, London
Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Prop, Sturegallerian, Stockholm, Sweden
Perth International Arts Festival, The Church Gallery, Perth, Australia
Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Eva Schlegel & Friends, Gallerie 422, Gmunden, Austria
Four Women and A Pregnant Man, curated by AK Dolven, Galleri MGM, Oslo, Norway
Art, curated by David Mitchell, Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda

2001Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
Melancholy, Sunderland
Ingenting (Nothing: Exploring Invisibilities), Rooseum, Malmo, Sweden
Record Collection, curated by Elaine Forde & Mel Brimfield, VTO Gallery, London
Nothing: Exploring Invisibilities, curated by Graham Gussin & Ele Carpenter, Northern Gallery Contemporary Art. Touring to Mead Gallery, University of Warwick, Warwick
Makeshift, curated by David Green, University of Brighton Gallery, Brighton

2000Landscape, Barbara Gillman Gallery, Miami, USA
3 Rooms, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
The Wreck of Hope, curated Edward Chell, Simon Morley, Nick Wyatt, The Nunnery, London
Point of View I/II, curated by Thomas Frangenberg, Richard Salmon Gallery, London
Art for the 21st Century, John Weber Gallery, New York, USA
John Weber Gallery, New York, USA

1999Everyday Painting, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria
One Painting, Lift Gallery, London

1998Larger Than Life, Royal Festival Hall, London, UK

1998Larger Than Life, The Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall, LondonEveryday Painting, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
4xSolo, De Markten, Brussels, Belgium
Everyday Painting, John Weber Gallery, New York, USA

1997Galerie In Situ, Aalst, Belgium

1993Untitled, Premises, Hackney, London


2010Paul Hamlyn award
Turner Prize 2010, Tate Britain, London, UK

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